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Variables and Data types in dart

Variables are containers for data. You can say variables are a box in which any data is stored and now the data is known as the box (The name of the variable).
Variable is the "name of memory block" which means a variable is a named space booked in memory.

How to define a variable 

First, you should understand what it means to "define a variable". Let me clear, The process of storing data into the variable is called "Defining a variable".

Defining a variable called "name"
To define a variable we should have three things
  1. Data type
  2. Variable Name (Identifier)
  3. Data (Value or reference)

Data type: 

In the Example above var is a Data Type. But Wait..... What is a data type, Data type is nothing but "The type of data which we are going to store in the variable". There are the following types of data-type in the Dart programming language.

  • Numbers
  • Strings
  • Booleans
  • Lists
  • Maps


Numbers in dart is used to represent integer values, There are two types of numbers:

(1) Integer:

Integers in dart are used for non-fractional data. I.E. numeric value without a decimal point. For example, "22" is an Integer because it has not any decimal point, similarly "-22" is also an integer. We define Integer data types with int keyword.
 int a = 12; 

(II) Double:

Doubles in dart are used for fractional data. I.E. values decimal points. For example, "12.4" is double type, similarly "-26.3" is also a double type. We define double Data type with double keyword.
 double a = 14.4; 

double b =  -12.2;


Strings in dart are used to represent a character or sequence of characters. For example, if you are data i.e. name, address, etc then that is String type. All the string type data must be enclosed with a single quote, double quote, or even triple quota in some places. We define string Data type with String keyword.

 string a = "edslide"; 


Booleans are used for representing true, false values. Booleans are defined with the bool keyword.
 bool a = true; 


The list data type is used for representing a list of data For example, All the students of a class, All the items in a menu. etc. Lists are like "Array" in many programming languages. We will discuss further on lists in thins tutorial.


Maps are nothing but some data with key-value pairs. For example, a rate card in a shop with a key-value pair of items and price. We will discuss further on lists in thins tutorial.

So these are the data types in the dart. But earlier in an example I used the "var" keyword instead of these Data types. What is the "var" keyword, let's discuss this. 


Identifiers in dart are the variable name in which we are assigning the value. For example, String a = "Hello"; here "a" is Identifier. There are some rules applied to the naming of identifiers : 

variable initialization

While coding you will often hear a word variable initialization.  So what is the variable initialization lets talk about this, Variable initialization is the process of how a variable is born, which means the first step of creating a variable. For example,  String a  = "edslide";  means variable a ins initialized with value "edslide". In variable, it is not compulsory to assign any value to the variable like this      String a;  when you do not assign any value to the variable by default null will be assigned to the variable.

The var keyword in dart :

var keyword in dart is used for automatic declaration of a data type. By using var you don't have to declare datatype, just write the var keyword instead. For Example
 var a = "edslide"; 

var b = 2;

var c = 2.2;

The dynamic keyword in dart:

dynamic keyword in dart is the same as var keyword with a minor change. In var keyword, if you initialized(first-time data inserted) any specific data then you cannot use another data type. For example, if a variable named a is initialized with "edslide"  var a = "edslide";     then you cannot assign any integer or boolean or any other data type, for example,  var a = 2;  will give you an error.
But here comes dynamic keyword to rescue by using the dynamic keyword you will not get any error.
 dynamic a = "edslide" 

 a = 2; 

 a = 2.2; 


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