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Hello world in Dart

Writing your first Dart program:

I hope You enjoyed my previous article Environment setup for dart. After installing dart on your Pc or using Dartpad our first lines of code in dart ( or any programming language ) is Hello World!  program

In this program, you see Three lines of code. If you are a beginner then ignore the first and third line (Which we sill discuss later in the article ) and focus on the second line.
You find print("Hello world"); Here "print()" is a function( A block of code, Here print is a predefined function whose code is written into the dart SDK ) that is used to print something on the console. You have to Enter some text into parenthesis which is called arguments which should be enclosed with single quotes or double-quotes like this "Hello world". In the future, we will discuss other ways to pass arguments into the print function.

I hope the second line is clear to you not lets jump on the first and third lines of code. So every Dart program starts with a function called "main"  so we have to enter our codes into the main function. in the future, we also learn about this in detail. As a beginner, you just learn first and third line of code and enter your codes into it.


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